Medical Specialist


Dr. Cesar Huerta

Surgical intervention for conditions that affect the joints of

Hip, Knee, Ankles, Shoulders, Elbows and Wrists.

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Evaluation, Diagnosis and Treatment of musculoskeletal diseases, conditions and diseases, specifically of the spine, pelvis, and upper and lower extremities.

The narrow duct or stenosis is a narrowing of the spinal canal, which puts pressure on the spinal cord. If the narrow duct is located in the lower part of the spinal cord, it is known as a narrow lumbar duct or lumbar stenosis.

Minimally invasive procedure with low surgical risk

It is a surgery to replace all or part of the hip joint with an artificial joint. The artificial joint is called a prosthesis.

If nonsurgical treatments like medications and wearing walking supports no longer help, you may want to consider total knee replacement surgery.

All sports patients, whether amateur or professional, require specialized treatments in the physical activities they perform.

Each person is unique, special and different, for which we all require a personalized treatment according to our needs.

A total shoulder replacement is necessary, when arthritis or degenerative joint disease causes the shoulder to become stiff and painful.

(Meniscus Tears

Your knee is the largest joint in your body and one of the most complex. Because you use it so much, you are vulnerable to injury. Because it is made up of so many parts, many different things can get messed up.

Meniscal tears are among the most common knee injuries. Athletes, especially those who play contact sports, are at risk for meniscal tears. However, anyone at any age can tear a meniscus. When people talk about a torn cartilage in the knee, they are usually referring to torn menisci.

Los ligamentos de la rodilla — Ligamento colateral medial (LCM); Ligamento colateral lateral (LCL); Ligamento Cruzado Anterior (LCA); y Ligamento cruzado posterior (LCP) — son de hecho muy fuerte y flexible. Pero sometida a cierto tipo de estrés o trauma, éstos ligamentos de la rodilla pueden romperse o rasgarse.El LCA es famoso porque es el ligamento de la rodilla más comúnmente desgarrado. Además, la mayoría de los pacientes con daño ACL también sostienen algunos lesión de su menisco u otro ligamento.

Los atletas que han rasgado un ligamento a menudo informan que escucharon un ligero estallido. Puede haber inflamación de la rodilla y no es a menudo el dolor. Otra indicación de un ligamento dañado es la inestabilidad. El paciente puede ser incapaz de pararse o caminar normalmente. Una lesión del ligamento puede ser sólo un esguince. Pero incluso si los síntomas son leves, es una buena idea tener la rodilla examinado por nuestro equipo ortopédico.

Una fractura es una ruptura, generalmente en un hueso. Si el hueso roto rompe la piel, se denomina fractura abierta o compuesta.  Las fracturas en general ocurren debido a accidentes automovilísticos, caídas o lesiones deportivas. Otras causas son la pérdida de masa ósea y la osteoporosis, que causa debilitamiento de los huesos. El exceso de uso puede provocar fracturas por estrés, que son fisuras muy pequeñas en los huesos.

Los síntomas de una fractura son

Dolor intenso
Deformidad: La extremidad se ve fuera de lugar
Hinchazón, hematomas o dolor alrededor de la herida
Problemas al mover la extremidad

Debe obtener ayuda médica de inmediato ante una fractura. Tal vez tenga que usar un yeso o una férula. Algunas veces es necesario usar cirugía para colocarles placas, clavos o tornillos y así mantener el hueso en su lugar.

General & Gastro Surgery

Dr. Rosalio Rodriguez Madrigal

Specialized care in Gastrointestinal diseases, such as:

Appendicitis, Colitis, Colon, Constipation, Gastritis, Hemorrhoids, Hernias, Gallbladder.


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Patients feel less pain, have a shorter recovery period, and there is less scarring with laparoscopic surgery.

Most gastro surgeries can be performed with this laparoscopic technique. These include surgery for Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, diverticulitis, cancer, rectal prolapse, and severe constipation.

Hernias of the abdominal wall can be acquired. For example after surgery on the abdomen that does not heal well or because of weak tissues, after coughing, lifting a heavy object, or during pregnancy. The treatment of hernias is by surgery and it is mandatory to use a mesh to reduce the risk of its re-formation. Make an appointment. The surgical procedure is outpatient and with minimal discomfort

The gallbladder is a reservoir where the bile that is produced in the liver is stored. The function of bile is to break down fats for absorption. When dairy or fat are consumed, the gallbladder contracts to expel bile and perform this function ... The disease that most affects the gallbladder is the formation of stones (stones) within it, which can cause abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting related to fat intake.

A gastric ulcer is the erosion in the inner lining of the stomach, among the main causes is the consumption of anti-inflammatory drugs (aspirin, naproxen, diclofenac, etc). If this progresses it can cause bleeding including perforation of the stomach.

Internal Medicine

Dra. Nuri Alejandra Bernal Olmos

At Clínica Ángeles we have a medical specialty that is dedicated to:

Comprehensive care of the sick adult, focused on the diagnosis and non-surgical treatment of diseases that affect your internal organs and systems, and their prevention. Complicated treatments and diseases that are NOT treated by surgery.


It is when the thyroid gland is not able to produce enough thyroid hormone which is in charge of metabolism.
If you have increased hair loss, constipation, weight gain, joint pain, excessive fatigue, sadness, these could be data of this disease.
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Pain, deformity, edema in joints as well as difficulty in performing movement can be slowed down and improve your quality of life

Dra Nuri Alejandra Bernal Olmos
Board Certified Internal Medicine Physician

Comprehensive assessment of the patient prior to the surgical event, which estimates the risk of presenting complications during surgery.
In addition to diagnosing pathologies that had not yet been identified.
It gives treatment and recommendations to reduce risks when having surgery.

Micro vascular complication of Diabetes mellitus; which damages sensitive nerves, causing pain, burning, itching more frequently in the feet and legs.

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Performing annual check-ups can identify problems in your health. Do not wait for symptoms and for the disease to be irreversible; attending on time is the difference between stopping the disease and presenting complications.


Dra. Mildred Antzoulatos

Monday to Friday 5:00 pm to 7:30 pm. Appointment REQUIRED

Dr. Victor Manuel Medina Ramos

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A neonatology specialist is specifically trained to handle the most complex and high-risk situations.

Diagnosis and treatment of newborns with conditions such as respiratory disorders, infections, and birth defects.

Coordinate the care and medical management of premature babies.

Supervised Nutrition. Ensure that all critically ill newborns receive adequate nutrition so that they can heal and grow properly.

Consult with obstetricians, pediatricians and family doctors about the conditions that newborns suffer

General Doctor

Family Doctor